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  Backpacker Travel Insurance

Are you under 35 and itching to explore the world? Then a backpacker travel insurance is the right insurance for you. Whether you're going on tour around the world, exploring exotic Asia, backpacking across Australia or road-tripping in the United States, our Backpacker travel insurance is tailored to your needs.

Unlike most policies that quickly become expensive for long travel, or annual travel insurance which only covers travel for up to 60 days at most, our Backpacker travel insurance is designed with longer trips in mind. A backpacker travel insurance can be bought to provide cover for up to 18 months, so there should be time to complete even the biggest adventure.

When you are far from home it's good to be fully covered should you get sick, have an accident or suffer other incidents. With over 60 years of experience in Backpacker travel insurance and assistance, Allianz Global Assistance is your partner on the journey. Whether it comes to illness, accident, delayed baggage, cancelled flights, theft or a lawyer, our alarm center is ready to help 24/7, wherever you are in the world. Safe travels!

*If you have an existing medical condition, or have recently undergone treatment, it may affect your insurance coverage. You can read more about this in the policy documentation.

Summary of Cover

Backpacker Travel Insurance


Emergency Medical






Extra travel and accommodation


Sending for and accompanying

1 person

Emergency dental treatment


Funeral expenses


Search and rescue




Personal liability


Legal expenses


Delayed luggage


Missed departure


Delayed departure




Personal belongings


Loss of passport


Personal money


Personal accident




Permanent loss of limb or sight


Permanent total disablement


5 advantages of a backpacker travel insurance:

Cover for up to 18 months

Coverage on longer journeys

As a backpacker traveling, you often have different experiences than most encounter on package trips. That's what makes it exciting to go out into the world with just a backpack on your back. It is also why it is important to be covered if you get sick or lose your luggage etc.

Backpacker travel insurance can be taken out for longer trips of up to 18 months.

This makes it possible to explore even the remotest corners of the world.

Europe or the world

Travel safely in Europe or around the world

A backpacker travel insurance policy from Allianz Global Assistance is ideal when you need to explore the big wide world. Whether you travel in Europe or around the world, as a backpacker, on a study trip, touring around the world, on a working holiday Down Under or InterRailing, you can be absolutely assured of our support.

When you take out the insurance, you can choose the area of cover you will need: Europe or worldwide.

You can see an overview of the coverage areas here.

Assistance 24/7

The emergency center is just a phone call away

You have access to our assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With our extensive global network, we provide support no matter what continent you choose to explore. Travel safely away on your trip with a Backpacker travel insurance policy. With Allianz Global Assistance you are insured in all time zones.

Own emergency call-centers with local knowledge

Danish alarm center with local knowledge

If you choose to purchase a backpacker travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, you are sure to get the best help available. We have our own emergency centers throughout the world, which have a great local knowledge. We work with the best doctors and hospitals in the world, so you're always in the best hands.

Better coverage

Get great coverage wherever you travel

Previously, you could use the yellow health card when you were traveling in Europe. Today you will need an EU health insurance card to take with you when you travel in Europe. With the Blue Card you are only covered on an equal footing with the citizens of the country you are visiting, and risk paying part of the medical costs yourself.

If you are traveling around Europe, it is a good idea to check what help you can expect to get in the countries you plan to visit. There can be large differences between the individual countries' offerings. Medical fees are generally more common than in Denmark. With a Backpacker travel insurance you get great coverage regardless of where you choose to go.


How can we help?

Millions of people rely on us! With 1 intervention every 2 seconds, Allianz Global Assistance is the worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services. With a range of cover for individuals, couples and families with Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip, Backpacker and Winter Sports options: our global network will have you covered 24/7.


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