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  Consult your doctor

Your doctor will answer all your questions and concerns. 

This visit will allow you to: 

  • Before you book: Learn about the health risks relative to the trip you are planning; 
  • If you have a particular illness or medical condition (including pregnancy) and should avoid certain situations like extreme cold, heat, humidity, high altitudes, or are at risk of Malaria or other infectious diseases, get advice about the suitability of booking your trip and inquire about the risks or acceptable risks relative to your travel destinations and your particular state of health. These risks also concern people who wear biomechanical or electromechanical prostheses (anything from a grommet for children with a tendency for otitis, to a pacemaker for seniors with a propensity for fainting);
  • Get advice about whether or not your usual treatment is compatible with the medication you might have to take throughout your travels, such as Malaria pills.
  • Before you travel: Update your vaccinations by responding to the following questions: which vaccinations are recommended, obligatory, unnecessary or indispensable. Think about getting your shots early because in certain cases it’s necessary to have multiple injections spaced several weeks apart;
  • Put together a first aid prevention kit for treating certain illnesses such as asthma, serious allergies and diabetes;
  • Adapt your usual medical treatment or renew your personal treatment by adjusting the dosage. Add to or remove certain medication from your treatment and/or medical kit;
  • Better understand the different aspects of your assistance contract.

In case of a chronic illness or complicated previous medical history, ask your doctor to write a medical report, preferably in English, that summarises your situation (background, description of your illness, past cases, results of recent tests, etc.) and mentions your usual treatment.

Never deviate from your usual treatment, not even in the airplane. Always have it with you and take along a duplicate of your prescription specifying the international name of each of your medications: the DCI (common international name). For example, the DCI of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. This way you can replace it or quickly find its equivalent wherever you are.

Visit to your pharmacist and dentist

Don’t hesitate to speak with your pharmacist about your travel plans when you purchase your prescribed medication. He’ll recommend useful products, such as mosquito repellent, sun care creams that are right for your skin type and your destination, etc.  He will also warn you about possible side effects of the medication or its incompatibilities.

We also strongly recommend that you make an appointment with your dentist before you leave, particularly if you are going to a remote region with very few medical structures. Ideally, any kind of orthodontist work should be completed several weeks before departure.

The healthcare professionals who accompany you day-to-day are the best people to talk to before leaving on holiday. Whenever possible, plan your appointments with them well in advance and don’t hesitate to speak with them about all aspects of your trip.

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